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About Kunming University of Science and Technology

Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) is of long history and as the largest university in Yunnan Province and one of the well-known universities in China, KUST is a multidisciplinary university principally based on engineering and science, meanwhile combines technology, management, economics, arts, law and education in coordination. It offers bachelor, master, doctor degrees and also has post-doctoral station. In addition, KUST is also the only university in Yunnan province which has academician of China Academy. KUST has been entrusted to recruit Chinese Government Scholarship students.

KUST is composed of three campuses, Lianhua, Xinying and Chenggong Capmus, occupying about 286 hectares. Chenggong campus is the main campus which is located in Chenggong university town. KUST has founded 15 state-level、province-level engineering research centers and laboratories. The university library has about 2.80 million volumes of books. KUST has established cooperative and exchange relationships with more than 70 renowned universities and international research institutions in over 30 countries.

KUST has advanced teaching facilities and a qualified and experienced academic staff team of more than 3800 that conducts both teaching and research. School of International Education (SIE) is exclusively set up with the purpose of providing favorable services for international students. It is in charge of the enrollment, administration and all kinds of services as well as conduct teaching to international students. For various characteristics of international students, SIE prepares relevant courses and extra-curriculum activities elaborately, helping them find study partners to solve their problems in study and in life.

In 2013, over 1100 international students which from 46 countries in the world study in our university. More than 400 of them are degree students, including Doctoral degree students, Master’s degree students and undergraduate students, and others are language students and exchange students.

More than 60.000 students of KUST expect you to join in this big family. You can enjoy diverse cultures and life journey, and build up your friendship with people around the world in this beautiful "Spring City".

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